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Before and during World War II, 134 K-class blimps were built and configured for patrol and anti-submarine warfare operations, and were extensively used in the Navy's anti-submarine efforts in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean areas -

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US Navy airships during World War II

Libraey of Congress Marine Corps Air Station Tustin (Photo, Print, Drawing)

Visiting with Huell Howser - California's Gold
California's Gold Huts and Hangers – California’s Gold (602) - (28:49 sec)

Visiting MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722) - (30:52 sec)

Visiting Tustin Visiting (1509) - (27:58 sec)

Airship History Series

America's First Rigid Airship -

"The Blimp Goes to War... Again" Intro and Act One - - (25:48 sec)

"Blimp Goes To War" Act Two - - (25:48 sec)

"Blimp Goes to War" Act Three - - (25:48 sec)

"Blimp Goes to War" Act Four - - (25:48 sec)

1929 U.S. Navy Blimp USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) (full)

List of United States military helicopters

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