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Save the Hangar Exploratory Group
Tustin, California

Pete Beatty - Save The Hanagers founder / U.S. Army Veteran / Vietnam era
Brian Delahaut - Save The Hangers co-founder / Retired Marine Corps Colonel
Richard Nelson - Tustin Area Historical Society, 2024 President
Gretchen Whisler - Tustin Area Historical Society - Past President

Guy Ball - Local Historian and Author
Steve Giddings - Post Commander / Tustin American Legion Post 227
Former Marine Corps JAG officer (to be named)

Tustin Area Historical Society
Tustin American Legion Post 227

October 1, 1942: Naval Air Station (NAS) Santa Ana commissioned

1949: Naval Air Station (NAS) Santa Ana decommissioned

1949-1951: Used as a civilian airfield, blimp storage, and air museum

May 1, 1951: Re-commissioned as Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Santa Ana

September 1, 1969: Renamed Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter) (MCAS(H)), Santa Ana

April 3, 1975: Hangars entered into the National Register as a historic district

April 23, 1976: Base annexed by City of Tustin

June 1, 1978: Renamed Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter) (MCAS(H)), Tustin

1991: MCAS Tustin recommended for closure by Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC)

July 3, 1999: Closed in accordance with Base Realignment and Closure Act

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