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there is strength in numbers.
We are bui
lding a list of military veterans, civilians, and fellow patriots
who want to leave behind a tribute to the men and women who served us.

To add your name, rank (optional) and the year(s) you served / Call or email us at- 714-504-4088 e-mail

Arnold, Bill

Bass, Glenn - 1957
Beltan, Anthony 1987 - 1989
Blake, Gary - 1975-1979
Broderick, Helena

Carelson, Jeff -Was with 161 from 7/78 to 6/79. Went on that first unit rotation to the rock. I crewed YR011, Col Beyma's bird.
Carrillo, Paul Hammerhead
Carter, Hal 1979 - 1983 with 163
Cavazos, Roland - 1972 - 1977
Conway, Joseph
Curl, Kevin

Darling, Rich - 1969

Egan, Joseph - MCAS (H) 1979

Foster, Jo = 1983-1987 good times -
Gray, Allen - 1970-1971
Green, Gerry - 1967 - HMM 263

Harvey, Ron -
Heeren, Eric -
Henderson, Don
Hofer, Ray

Landi, Alex 1973
Lind, Steve
Logue, Ken

Miskimins, Doug
Mooyman, Armand Ronnie - 1975 MCAS (H) Santa Ana

Panko, Ray -1987-1989, with H&HS

Redhouse, Jerome
Rhoads, Ken
Russell, Joe
Ryvera, Paul - MCAS (H) 1976-1978

Shipley, Thomas

Shorte, Claude - PMO 1970 -1971
Sloan, Patrick
Smith, Tony - Spent Nov 77 til Jan 81 Mostly with HMM-161 Last few months with HMT-301
Spellman, Patti Santa Ana 1960-1964
Stevenson, Richard

Turner, Glen 1970s - 1980s
Turner Sean

Zmudka, Randy

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