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The Control Tower was built in 1964
Control Towers generally fall into three general operational areas: local control or air control, ground control, and flight data/clearance delivery. Other categories, such as landing area control or ground movement planner, may exist at extremely busy heliports, while each tower may have unique helaport-specific procedures such as multiple teams of controllers (crews) at major or
complex heliports with multiple helipads.

Location Named: Marine Corps Air Facility Santa Ana 1951 / Marine Corps Air Station Tustin 1979 /

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LTA (Lighter Than Air) About
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin (H) About
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Tustin American Legino Post 227
Tustin American Legino Post 227 History
LTA (Lighter Than Air) About
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin (H)
Helicopter Air and Ground Control
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